Yumi Return Bulk 1200 Pack of Compostable 12 oz. Cups, Eco Friendly Disposable Cup Set

  • Yumi Return Bulk 1200 Pack of Compostable 12 oz. Cups, Eco Friendly Disposable Cup Set
  • Yumi Return Bulk 1200 Pack of Compostable 12 oz. Cups, Eco Friendly Disposable Cup Set
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  • Perfect for weddings, birthdays, barbeques, picnics and parties.
  • The eco friendly alternative to harmful plastics for serving large groups.
  • This set includes 1200 cups total, 24 sleeves of 50 cups each.
  • Renewable - made from natural, non-GMO plant starch.
  • Compostable - turns into bio material within 6 months with industrial composting.
  • Biodegradable - completely biodegradable, the throwaway that goes away.
  • Sustainable - made from annual crops, does not deplete natural resources.
  • Microwave Safe
  • 'The throw away that goes away'
  • Return products are made using a patented process from starch and other materials made from plants.
  • They take far less energy to produce and can return to soil in 180 days when composted in a professionally managed facility.
  • Dimensions: 3.4 in x 3.4 in x 10 in
  • Discover a revolutionary new line of disposable tableware for retail food service made for a new generation - and every one after.
These natural starch Compostable cups are the perfect eco friendly alternative to plastics. They are microwave safe, durable for use with hot foods, sauces and oils and can be used for indoor and outdoor entertaining. Made with a new innovative technology they are biodegradable, compostable, renewable and sustainable. Return products are made from natural (Non GMO) plant starch, natural polyesters, food safe colors and other biodegradable ingredients. They are compostable, microwavable, water and grease resistant, and crack and cut resistant. Individual consumers in the United States alone use about 40 billion paper and 35 billion plastic and foam cold cups every year. 16 billion paper hot cups and 25 billion paper foam hot cups are also used in the US every year. Each package of our plates or cups saves the equivalent of one gallon of gasoline in the amount of energy used to make paper or plastic.
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