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Yumi EcoSolutions has established itself as the definitive Eco Friendly Tableware and Compostable Tableware company. Showcasing two very distinct collections of "green" alternatives, Yumi EcoSolutions has released both the Yumi Nature+ and Yumi Return series of products. Both entries in the Yumi EcoSolutions series were designed to eliminate plastics and replace them with sustainable earth friendly materials. Yumi Nature+ Kitchen combines the very best aspects of style and durability to deliver one of a kind "green" Dinnerware that's comprised entirely out of natural bamboo. Yumi Nature+ Kitchen products include: Natural Bamboo Stackable Bowl Sets, Natural Bamboo Serving Trays, Natural Bamboo Ice Cream Scoops and a host of other "green" solutions that are ideal for any home, office or casual restaurant setting.

Touted as "the throw away that goes away", Yumi Return's series of Eco Friendly Tableware represents a premier selection as the perfect "green" alternative to wasteful plastics. Yumi Return Disposable Tableware displays exceptional depth in the preservation of our earth by featuring biodegradable, compostable, renewable and sustainable properties. Exceptionally durable by design, Yumi Return Compostable Plates, Compostable Cups, Compostable Cutlery and a series of other eco-friendly tableware are all microwave safe. The innate flexibility of Yumi Return products allow them to be utilized in any number of indoor or outdoor settings. Celebrate and preserve the earth by choosing the premier "green" solution to harmful plastics.

The Mission:

A study conducted in the United States revealed that approximately 40 billion paper cups are used each year. An additional 35 billion plastic and foam cups were also recorded. These are very frightening numbers that are further bolstered with the inclusion of 16 billion paper hot cups and 25 billion paper foam hot cups. It's a very dangerous trend that can be corrected with the implementation of an eco-friendly solution that features biodegradable and compostable properties. Yumi EcoSolutions has prioritized the safety and wellbeing of our earth by focusing on a definitive "green" alternative to the many harmful plastics being utilized. Yumi EcoSolutions is steadfast in its commitment in the preservation of this earth. Each package of Yumi Return Compostable Plates and Compostable Cups saves the equivalent of one gallon of gasoline in the amount of energy used to make paper or plastic.

Our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:

The YumiEco Store has prioritized customer satisfaction and assures the very best shopping experience. Our team is comprised of consummate professionals that are readily available during business hours (9am-5pm Central Time) to answer any inquiry. Our shipping policies have also been implemented to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Most orders will ship the same or next business day from when your order is placed, with expedited and economy shipping options available for many of our products. If you need more information or have any questions, please visit our Customer Service Section.

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The premier "green" solution to harmful plastics